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From the fjord to the mountains

Local food and handcraft


Juli til september er høgsesong for å sykle rallarvegen frå Haugastøl eller Finse til Flåm. Denne turen tek deg også frå høgfjellet til fjorden, og er perfekt i kombinasjon med stølsbesøk i Skjerdal. Ein fin tur for folk i alle aldrar. Meir info finn du på 

You find the SAKTE members in factories in Aurland center, at the mountain farms, in the small towns and on the fjord. You find us where people live.


SAKTE, or Slow alliance, is an organization that gathers food, craft and adventure producers with connection to the World Heritage Area. Supporting local products and businesses contributes to a sustainable community where you are travelling.


Aurland town is a center for local crafts. Visit the famous factory for Aurlandskoen, the original pennyloafer. They have an economusèe and a copious shop with penny loafers, belts and handbags in proper leather.


Take a walk along the dock in Aurland center and visit glass blower Merete Rein in her workshop in a small red house by the fjord. She has been making glass art inspired by nature and life by the fjord since 2007.


Stop for a coffee and cinnamon swirl at Mariannes bakery and cafè. With her heart in the craft of baking, Marianne Holme uses local products and traditional methods to make delicious bread and pastries.

The farm shop at the School for Organic Agriculture provides everything you need of organic vegetables and products. Get a new bamboo toothbrush or fill a paper bag with local veggies for tonights dinner. They also store products from other SAKTE allience businesses, like local meat from Haugen gardsmat and cheese from our friends at Undredal Stølsysteri.

Get inspired by the hard working businesses in the SAKTE allience here.

Things to do in Aurland


The wild Aurlandsdalen is a reason to visit this area in itself. The hike can be done on three days from Finse to Vassbygdi, or as a days hike from Stemmerdalen or Østerbø to Vassbygdi. The trail has been used for trade and travel for hundred of years, and takes you from mountain landscape to the fjord. Østerbø is about 40 minutes drive from Skjerdal. For experienced hikers.


A few kilometers out the fjord from Skjerdal lies the UNESCO world heritage site Nærøyfjorden. The fjord area is a beautiful experience all year. Njord Kayak provides safe and professional guiding with sea kayak for beginners and advanced kayakers.


Flåm Guide Service combines RIB-tours on the fjord with hiking to Skjerdal Stølsysteri, and the electrical boats Vision of the Fjords and Future of the Fjords run from Flåm to Gudvangen.


Rallarvegen connects the eastside of the mountain with the western side, from Haugastøl or Finse to Flåm. The bicycle tour can be done in two days from Haugastøl or one day from Finse. Follow the old gravel road along mountain lakes and heather landscape.


Getting closer to the fjord, Rallarvegen winds down into the Flåm Valley in tight hairpin bends. Take a stop at Rallarrosa stølsysteri, and enjoy the sight of the fjord when you arrive in Flåm.

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