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Family, farm and traditions



The farm

Skjerdal farm is situated on the mountainside with a birds view of the Aurlandsfjord.

Skjerdal farm is a traditional western norwegian family farm, run by Anne Karin Hatling and Harald Skjerdal. We run a versatile organic farm with animals and fruit production. The main activity is centered around the goats. We also have sheep that grass in the mountains through the summer season, and a horse who is used in the farm work. The steep mountain sides down to the fjord is covered in cherry gardens and apple trees.


The farm land is steep. Most of the harvesting land is natural meadows. The valleys behind the farm lead up to vast mountain areas with great feeding grounds for sheep and goats. The mountain farms are the traditional way to utilise the resources in every possible way. By bringing the animals up in the mountain through the summer season, the land close to the farm can be used for harvesting winter feed.


In the summer season the mountain farm and cafè is the bustling of life. Harald works with the summer harvest with daughters and helpers, and Anne Karin and the milkmaidens makes cheese and welcomes guests at Skjerdal stølsysteri and Cafè. This way the traditions for steep farming and cheese making stays alive in the Aurlandsfjord.

Skjerdal stølsysteri and Cafè

You are guaranteed to meed more goats than tourists at Skjerdal stølsysteri and Caf?e. 

The mountain farm Leim lies 400 meters aboce the scenic Aurlandsfjord. Leim has been used as a mountain farm for generations. We built Skjerdal stølsysteri and Cafè in 2010, to bring the traditional mountain farming into the future in a new way. At the mountainfarm you will meet goats and the milkmaidens working, and maybe you will meet some sheep and horses as well. On the way up you are met by the sweet smell of brown cheese being made, just like it has for several hundred years. 

The walk to Skjerdal støsysteri and Cafè takes about half an hour. It is not far, but it is quite steep. You will need good shoes and a bottle of water for the trail. Welcome to the farm to taste some brown and white goats cheese! 

We are open between 1st of July and 30th of August between 10 AM and 7 PM.

Skjerdal on the map

This is where you find us

Skjerdal Stølsysteri and Cafè is situated in Aurland municipality in the heart of Fjord Norway. 2,5 hours from Bergen and 20 minutes from Flåm, it is close to the big tourist attractions but far away from the hustle. The most scenic route to our mountain farm is on the fjord. Flåm guide services’ combined RIB-and hiking tour will give you the most of the fjord to the mountain experience. This can be booked here.


Travelling with car, bike or on foot?


Follow the sign to Skjerdal from the center of Aurland town. The road follows along the fjord, until it starts winding up the mountain side in six hairpin bends. Park at the area marked with P after the fifth turn. Start the hike along the tractor road going past the farm houses. The road continues up the valley. You will always have the mountain farm in view while you hike. Arriving at the crossroad you walk to the right, towards the bridge over the canyon. This gives you a perfect view over the water falls and the point where the rivers join. Cross the bridge, and remember to close the gate. The farm roads continues up the last, steep climb to the only cafè in the area.


Contact us

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